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Husky: That Gift that Keeps on Griffin

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Written by: Kate Weaver, a happy Husky client

My husband and I purchased our first-ever home in October 2019, after getting married in May. The house was a bit smaller than we wanted, but the location on Griffin and price were unsurpassable. (Let’s pause for a moment of silence in blissful remembrance of the housing marking pre-Covid).

At the time of purchase, there was a bonus room upstairs with a sizable walk-in closet. Our goal was to add a bathroom to turn this room into a master suite. With the previous home owner’s architectural plans for this very concept and the assurance from our realtor that it could be done, we signed on the line and settled into our new home.

Almost immediately, we met with a contractor who gave us a quote. We were so excited. We were doing it! We. Were. Adulting. Under our contractor’s guidance, we perused aisles of marble, granite, paint swatches, and flooring. We selected all our tile, and the store placed it on hold for us. We purchased a vanity for the bathroom, picked out paint colors, and began adding copious (sometimes ludicrous) ideas to our Pinterest board. It was a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.

And then...we waited.

We had been told by friends and family that contractors are often busy and take awhile to get the ball rolling due to other projects, so we were happy to wait. We filled the time by picking out bathroom mirrors, moving clothes stored in the walk-in closet onto movable rods, and promising family and friends we’d soon have plenty of space for them to stay with us. We waited anxiously for a start date that was never given to us.

Then, Covid-19 hit.

We completely understood that with everything going on in the world, there would be inevitable delays of all kinds. However, as time went on and the world slowly revved its engines back up, our contractor continued to give us the run around. After about a year of pleading phone calls, unanswered messages, and one embarrassingly meager attempt at an ultimatum, we realized it was going to be a lost cause.

Over the next two years, we brought in around 10 other contractors. Most spent 5-10 minutes upstairs, which was always concerning given the certain complexity of the project. After these inspections, we were either shamelessly ghosted or given an exorbitant quote. We realized later on that these quotes were essentially a roundabout way of telling us they weren’t interested unless we forked over myriads of cash for wasting their precious time on such a miserable excuse for a project.

Three years we had been in this house, still standing resolute at square one. Due to limited closet space and bathroom storage downstairs, I was keeping all my clothes and makeup upstairs in the bonus room. We euphemistically called it my “She Shed” to prevent me from emotionally spiraling each time I had to shower downstairs, traipse across the house dripping wet, and climb upstairs to finish getting ready. Spoiler alert: my poor husband still received a dramatic earful about it each day.

Then, our friend who follows a local jewelry maker on Instagram (shoutout to Lindsey Warren @stampedandfinch!) showed us a story Lindsey had posted, promoting her husband who is a handyman/contractor. We contacted him right away, and his prompt and professional response sparked a renewed glimmer of hope. As it turned out, the scope of our project was beyond what he was capable of doing himself. However, it was his recommendation to reach out to Husky Builders that ended up being the ultimate game-changer for us.

When Husky came to initially look at our house, we immediately noticed how much time they took in looking at our space. My husband spent many afternoons in our sweltering attic alongside a very patient JP, who walked him through each and every step of the process. After obtaining the structural plans, Husky was ready to get the show on the road. The plans they showed us included much more than just adding a bathroom—their vision included adding a dressing room, two storage closets, a brand new bannister, flooring, and a massive walk-in closet. So long, She-Shed!! What shocked us most of all was that we weren’t breathing heavily in and out of brown paper bags at the cost of everything.

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We were invited to a group text message, which was used throughout the entire process. This chat included everyone involved in the project and was a vital forum of communication. We would receive nightly updates, telling us exactly what to expect the following day and into the week. This allowed us to plan accordingly, especially as construction revved up and our anxious dog would need an environment with less banging and debris. (It should be noted, however, that our dog Sully was treated like royalty by each and every person involved in the project. He was offered many pets, treats, and love, despite what his selective memory serves).

From start to finish, our experience with Husky exceeded all expectations. They worked quickly, diligently, and with a sharp eye for detail. They left no stone unturned and their workspace was neat and tidy after every day of work. I can honestly say that as ecstatic as we were to enjoy the master sweet of our wildest dreams, we felt a tinge of sadness saying goodbye to our Husky Family once the project was finally finished. However, we are so grateful to know that we can count on Husky for future projects, and that we have a company we proudly recommend to anyone in our community.

Take a peek inside the Weavers' Attic Remodel

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