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Does this Sound like you?

You're a little indecisive- You've got a million and one pins on your Pinterest but no clue which ones to use.

You can't visualize- You don't know if what's in your mind will actually look good in reality.

You're stuck daydreaming- You want a space that brings you joy but need a little help because you've yet to achieve it on your own.

Stuck in your head


Hi there,

I'm Lauren Alonso, Interior Designer at Husky Builders. I joined the Husky Crew early in 2022 to help guide clients who needed a little extra help with making lasting choices they would love. My goal is to help create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional as your family makes your house a home you never want to leave and your clients return again and again because your space is joy-filled and welcoming to all.


your design guide

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