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Goodbye 50's Bathroom, Hello 2023

In downtown Fountain Inn, this little ranch was found in pristine condition, however, the color selections were never updated in nearly 70 years. I walked into this small ensuite bath, which the new owners wanted to make into their master to give their growing family of boys more space of their own. Upon examining an adjacent bedroom, we found a closet that we could utilize to expand the shower easily and everyone would be peachy. (If you had seen the entire house painted in a shade of peach 🍑, you'd definitely get this joke!)

Here's a look at our remodel process from the initial site visit and plan to design, construction, and the final product!

After meeting with Molly, I captured her personality and the exact ideas she wanted to capture for this refreshing space.

This tile selection for the shower was a first for us. And, it was so much fun! I'm so glad she decided to jump on it and we were able to find some subway tile that wouldn't break the bank by using Cashmere and White natural subway tiles (they are more wavy and less uniform which give them some character).

The Alberto Duo team here doing what they do best... tile setting and moving throughout a space collectively to make dreams come true!

This bathroom took about 2 weeks to complete from demo to final fixtures. The owners moved in, shortly after we finished and have been loving their new en-suite master bath ever since and they can't wait to remodel their boys' bathroom in the near future!

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Design Truth or Myth

We posed one of the questions we get most often when remodeling bathrooms is "Do Gold/Champagne Bronze or Black fixtures and faucets cost more than the traditional brushed nickel or or chrome?" on social media this week...


This isn't cut and dry. A great deal of the "gold" fixtures depend on the manufacturer, and it is often difficult to find matching gold shades and it's much easier to mix metals in that case. For instance, manufacturers do not readily have drain options in all the vast number of colors of gold, champagne bronze, and brushed brass- which often have different undertones like pink, yellow or green. In this bathroom, we did upgrade the drain in this bathroom so that it wasn't "standard", but it wasn't a perfect match. This also is true for all the accessories. So, if you like matchy matchy and perfection, gold might be a hard option for you, especially when shopping online because most box stores don't have a large in-stock selection to choose from.

Even while the cost of one initial fixture may be comparable to a standard fixture in chrome or brushed nickel, you may not find a set to be the same price, overall. For instance, the spectrum for this particular shower faucet we used ranges $171-273 depending on the finish you choose.

So, yes "gold" and "black" are more expensive options, however they are can still be economical and you can fit them into your budget, if you are willing to shop and get creative!

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Custom Shower Glass

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And, in case you're wondering what the owners truly think, here's their review!

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