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7 Design trends for 2023

Learn all about the coming home design and decor trends for 2023.

As a homeowner myself, I love to add personal style, while keeping function at the forefront of each design plan. In this blog I want to not only focus on styling, but also function and practicality of actually living in a space that you love.

1. Natural. Natural. Natural.

As we continue to move to more sustainable design and lifestyles in the US, we find that our home selections are moving in that direction, as well. Whether it's flooring, seating, metals, counters, or home decor, natural materials are here to stay in 2023. Lighter shades, natural wood tones, rattan, caning, granite, and unpainted, raw surfaces will continue to trend. Recycled materials will also continue to rise and you will find more companies emerging and finding ways to reuse materials to make new construction materials- not just for the environment itself but because helping the earth makes people feel better and cleaner mentally through their design choices.

2. Green is Now Neutral.

With more natural lifestyles emerging, we find more people wanting to bring a little outside in (and all the plant lovers shouted- Hooray!!!). Hanging plants, plant stands, and designing spaces with more natural light with larger picture windows to hang them will continue to rise. Rich shades of green in paint and furniture- an ode to natural foliage, becomes neutral and part of a homeowner's intent. We find this on wainscoting, cabinets, accent walls, and even cribs.

Images from Magnolia

3. Bright and Moody.

Creamy white walls and neutral tones are in for a timeless, clean look. These are also great for home resale values. But also, homeowners have decided to get bold with color choices and personalizing spaces as they settle in after the market has leveled out. These moody colors tend to lean towards earthy tones in greens, blues, oranges, pinks, and even black. The contrast of bright and moody is one of my personal favorites, and I've even adopted it in my own home- in pairing Rosemary Green and Shoji White by Sherwin Williams in our dining room. The juxtaposition of these styles together, will make spaces feel warm, inviting, and personalized without feeling cold or dark and cookie cutter. Also, just a fair warning, you will see paint in areas that weren't completely accepted before being all the rage from moody color painted trim and door choices to stair railings and continued on cabinets. Will you jump on the bandwagon?

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4. Less is More.

In recent years, we have found so many people decluttering and moving towards a minimalistic lifestyle. With a rise in relocating and renovations too, homeowners have decided to adopt these for the long-haul. More moms and dads are working from home, home-schooling, and now have grandma living in the guest room. With more Organizers, you'll find that homeowners will start customizing their design and elements within and getting ideas from the professionals on how to make the most of their space. You will find even more furniture with storage solutions included and more movement towards minimizing clutter to focus on a space. Open floor plans from recent years will now serve as multi-purpose rooms, which means that they will be multi-functional, as there is a rise in needing more space for daily uses and the number of people using these spaces. Tiny homes and permanent RV travelers have also taking a liking to this trend and people love watching the sight of someone down-sizing to accommodate this new-found lifestyle of tiny living.

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5. Function over Frills.

By the same token where "less is more" in spaces, homeowners are choosing cleaner lines with furniture, lighting- with simple metal geometric frames and minimal decor, trim- with less details and simplicity in mind, cabinet styles- ie. shaker shaker shaker, with less of a profile, and even entry doors with classic lines. These clean aesthetic choices will fold over into bathrooms in sink and faucet choices, kitchen countertop selections, tile, and only neglect to touch rugs and wallpaper, as wallpaper makes a full comeback- and this time it's removable. Less detail will feel more timeless and classic and less traditional fit for all generations.

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Image from House Lift Design

6. Slab Backsplashes.

Wanting a rich, luxurious look, many homeowners are turning back to a more formal concept for kitchens, using marble, granite, and quartz full-height backsplashes as opposed to tile. Doesn't this Caldera Calacatta Quartz in our client's home look ravishing? This trend is consistent with the natural and less frill trends we already touched on. And, if I'm honest, at the beginning of this project, I had no idea this trend would stick, but it's definitely here for the keeping.

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Image from Husky Builders in collaboration with grits, grace and granola

7. Beyond Curb Appeal.

As more people are staying home, working from home, and loving being home, they will begin to focus on the exterior of their homes beyond curb appeal. Your neighbors will focus on their portico (a fancy name for a front porch), custom covered porches and outdoor kitchens for entertaining, and updating dated facades from railings to columns. Adding lights, neat seating and niche ideas, and architectural elements that soak up their personal style will set them apart from the pre-fab gazebos. People miss face-to-face quality time and they will want open spaces for entertaining and enjoying their friends and family. Outdoor spaces will follow that trend from the inside out!

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Interior Designer and Content Creator

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