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6 Top Design Features Clients Are Asking For

In the heart of the Southeast, a new generation of homeowners is shaping the landscape of design, blending sophistication with family-centric features. Have you noticed that multi-generations are sharing the same home? We wonder if there could be a correlation between the these wishlist items and that need. We will let you decide if these resonate with you!

Here are the top design elements that families in our area are currently seeking:

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Bessemer Glass

1. Blended Indoor/Outdoor Rooms: The charm of Southern living lies in the connection with nature. Families are increasingly requesting seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Blended rooms that open to spacious patios or decks offer not just an extension of the living area but also a refreshing way to enjoy the fresh and cozy weather. I'm sure you've seen the accordion sliding doors and garage-door style windows in sunrooms and porches! Our suppliers at High Country Glass are ready to bring your custom vision to life.

2. Hidden Closets and Rooms: For young families with a penchant for mystery and practicality, hidden closets and concealed rooms are a must-have. These discrete spaces not only add an element of intrigue but also serve as functional hideaways for storage (for Daddy's gun collection) or quiet retreats (like Mommy's in-home office). Murphy Door makes the perfect components for parents seeking a tidy, organized home amidst the whirlwind of family life. And, at Husky Builders, we have the crew to turn your dreamy mystery space into a reality!

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Plank and Pillow

3. Custom Storage Solutions: Tailor-made storage is a game-changer for young families throughout a home. Whether it’s custom pantries equipped with smart shelving, closets designed for growing wardrobes, open-shelving linen closets, or styled kitchen shelving for cookbooks, it's no secrete that built-in features that maximize space are in high demand. The focus is on creating organized, clutter-free zones that cater to the needs of both parents and kids.

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4. Aging-in-Place Features in Bathrooms: With an eye on the future, families are incorporating aging-in-place features, especially in bathrooms. Curbless showers, strategically placed grab bars that double as towel racks, walk-in tubs, and slip-resistant flooring ensure that the home remains accessible and safe for all family members as they age.

5. Additions or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for In-Laws: Multigenerational-living is a rising trend, and families are seeking solutions for in-law accommodations. Additions or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) equipped with living areas, bedrooms, and even kitchens cater to the need for both privacy and closeness.

6. Smart Home Integration: Last but not least, tech-savvy homeowners are leaning towards smart home features that enhance convenience and security. From automated lighting and thermostats to integrated security systems, these features are becoming integral parts of modern home designs. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like coming home to a toasty home in the winter? It's super simple to integrate these systems with technology you can change right from your phone.

In the vibrant tapestry of Southern living, these design features are the threads weaving together style and functionality. As you embrace a new chapter of life, your home should reflect a harmonious blend of sophistication, practicality, and an unwavering love for the Southern way of life. Contact us today to add your favorite design features.

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We are so grateful for the opportunity to educate and empower our clients. And, even more thankful to get to serve them from design to completion in residential and commercial needs for new construction and remodeling. If you're looking for a contractor, contact us for a quote.

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