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It's a family thing

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JP Acosta is the owner and contractor at Husky Builders. Born in Colombia, South America and raised in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, JP later pursued a business education at Spartanburg Methodist College. An entrepreneur by nature, JP has remodeled hundreds of homes and quite a few businesses, but he also has a knack for new construction and architecture. His construction process and timeliness are unparalleled in the area and the Husky Crew- internal and construction is growing by the day! In his down time, he enjoys running the original husky crew with his daughter Delilah.

Loving and serving people in our community through uniting others is at the core of who we are at Husky Builders. We are gift-finders who find the best in people who are looking to use their hard-working nature to create beautiful spaces that last generations for families and businesses in our local area and beyond.


The Husky Crew represents so many incredible families- dads and moms, and we are so grateful to get to serve home and business owners.

Image by Ümit Yıldırım


there's an entire team to help you navigate your construction process.

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